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i keep forgetting this website exists lol

it's like 4 am but idc, i'm writing this cuz i feel like it. not a lot has happened recently :/ i did apply for 5 jobs so i can start rakin' in that sweet savory bread (money), i'm working on more skatepark games on roblox, i recorderd edited and uploaded more vids to my channel, and i have an appointment at a dermatology center because i am covered in precancerous moles (my family has that evil little cancer gene). 

one of my siblings who is my best friend moved away to california a month ago, i'm not too upset about it, but i do miss them. we play roblox from time to time, but they really brought me out of my shell whenever we would go places irl. i'm a lot quieter now that they moved. 

i recently remastered my fursona (he's a bloodhound) and made an entire ref sheet for him which is windows 95 themed, so i'll probably make a blog post about him. one of our cats gave birth not that long ago to 3 lil' kittens. they are so adorable, they're gettin' real big, and they are healthy as all hell. 

i recently watched the matrix and american psycho. i flippin' love the matrix. neo is me :). i watched the matrix with my friend gordon (who is on this site, probs reading this blog (gord if ur readin' this, yer a nerd)) gordon likes morpheus :). american psycho i love too, it's kind of a dumb movie, christian bale is hot.

i also forgot until now, me and gordon watched fight club too. can't talk about fight club, but brad pitt is also hot. i'm sort of just rambling at this point lol. alright, i'm goin'. until we meet again, blog entry box. 

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Applied for 5 different jobs!? Dang...
I too flippin' love the matrix !!
I love it so much, I literally make it my whole personality here. But it's mostly Blade Runner

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what's blade runner? i've heard of it but i don't really know what it is lol

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