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More info abt me O_o (Plz read if you can!!)

Hi lol

I might change my prns, asthetic /vibe, and sexualtiy a lot cause I'm still kinda trying to figure myself out rn xP Anyways for now I'm just a silly dumb kid

I am also a minor (idk if I mentioned that on my profile but ye) so if ur like over 18 please don't be weird and make any sexual jokes or/and advances!! But I don't mind having any older friends just plz don't be weird, thx.

I just kinda wanted to mention that I like some games or shows with pretty bad fanbases like The DSMP,MCYT, Danagnronpa, and BNHA/MHA etc.. And I just wanted to say that I'm not like those weird fans and I don't really interact with the fanbases of those much. (except for MCYT I do interact with a bunch of MCYT fans but not fans of like Dream and stuff z_z) So yeah! What I'm basically trying to say is that I'm not those creepy weird fans, I'm just a casual fan so please don't take me the wrong way!! >_<

My Pronouns.Page!! (Basically even MORE info abt me)


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