Another fucking luv poem :/

my love, my love, my love

all my love

remains; eternally

your idiocracy and ignorance 

prove it's difficult

to give you all my love

yet you prevail 

my main consciousness

unconsciousness; unpure 

makes me sick

the look of your eyes

you know what I think

I could tell

you could tell

I was taking my time

my heartbeat quickening

my body's shaking

a light switch is comparable 

oh how I wish we could be

but I can't; you won't

gazing into

and your eyes are warm 

yet shoot daggers of ice

towards me

you walk; unacknowledging

they drown in 

pools of infinite


unknown to most

only seen in my own

personal reflection

at the end of the world

the last thing i percieve

only you

my love, my love, my love

remains; eternally 

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