Emesis Blue- the TF2 movie.

I'm simply making this post because I can't find similar content anywhere else on this site. If you see this, and you're interested, comment, and follow for more! I'd love to talk about the stunning passion project of Emesis Blue to a live audience!

Emesis Blue, posted by Fortress Films on YouTube, is a full-length psychological horror film made in SFM (Source Filmmaker). The film takes place in the canon universe of popular video game, Team Fortress 2. Fortress Films pays wonderful homage to the pre-established characters as shown by their lore and personalities. It's difficult to nail any sort of tidy theme to the film. Perhaps it can be best described as a story of revenge. I have seen the movie three times, and I am still confused as to specific plots and sequences in the movie. If you have not seen the film GO AND WATCH IT!!! It's completely free on YpuTube! Even if you're not familiar with the video game, Emesis Blue is a cinematic delight in its own right. Once you have watched it, feel free to come back to this post! I am dying to swap some theories and get fresh perspectives! Thanks for reading, and i hope ypu have a great day! <3

Trigger warnings for Emesis Blue: Blood, gore, violence, flashing lights, frightening imagery, and mild language. I would personally rate it at PG-14 (idk if that's a real rating, but im putting it there anyway)

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