money talks.

 justice is a two sided coin 

 flip it and take your pick 

 stick to your side and don’t you dare tread into mine 

 i’ll bite and i’ll scream 

 i’d do anything just to rip your seams 

 make a mistake , quickly 

 fall straight into the hands of the ill

 you’ll be just like their personal holy grail 

 i hope your tails rust 

 you’re no heads because you’ve clearly lost yours 

 a dime , a penny, and a nickel 

 sweet sixteen! 

 the balance is tipping in your favor 

 go ahead and dog on me 

 like i said i’ll bite and i’ll scream 

 you can’t say i bite at the hands that feed me 

 all i’ve eaten are your poison treats 

 half of the time i can’t remember what that even means

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