journalism?! stem?! culinary!? many qualifications!~

wowzah! another blog, sorry, i have so much on my mind tonight! anyways, i was talking to lele and now im thinking about what career path im going to take, as you all know, i have my certification in culinary, which means legally i can become a chef & open my own bakery whenever i want to! lets discuss it together, well, not really together, since i'm the one writing, but we can chat in the comments about it together~!

1. journalism 

okay.. so lele was asking if i would ever consider being a journalist, and honestly, i hadnt thought about it too much until tonight, i was always having passing thoughts ever since i was 10 thinking.. "what if i became a journalist to interview my favorite bands? how cool would that be!" but as i got older, i chalked it up to the wonders of a little girls brain.. i didnt consider it actually possible, but tonight i looked into it and learned i don't need a degree to go into journalism! its true, i do always have so much to say, and i love to write, 

(fun fact, i used to always write short stories & poems back in elementary school during class and during recess, and growing up, i had always had a journal somewhere in my room, at some point, i went through a phase like, "ew.. why would i have a DIARY!" but then i got into middle school and realized "maybe i should keep going.." so now i just journal online!) 

so.. why not become one? its not impossible, it would cost a lot of money to travel, yes, but thats what i'd have other jobs for, which leads me into.. STEM!

 okay, so i was thinking of becoming a biologist of some sort, marine biologist maybe?

 but i could also go into technology, i have a basic understanding of coding, and ive been troubleshooting viruses ever since i was a little girl, so its not impossible, plus my dad is in STEM too, and he kinda wants me to go into it, along with culinary, which honestly... i think i could handle being all 3, a journalist, in stem, AND a professional baker who owns my own cafe! i was thinking.. i could run it with, a. my friends, b. my family, or c. whoever i end up marrying. if i ever go into tech id be a game dev, or a web designer!

  of course, thats not to worry about right now, since i just applied to work at a little cafe, so now im waiting for them to email me back, so i hope i get the job! its a very early morning shift, and i'm only used to working nights. i hate waking up early but it seems you get free coffee all day while working there, so it won't be too big of a deal. 

back to journalism though.. i feel like.. if i become a journalist, id probably be a music or visual arts journalist, since ive had a passion for art from a young age, and even studied art back in highschool, i think i'd be fit for it. i think interviewing musicians i don't even listen to would be so cool too, to give fans the perspective of how an artist would speak to someone who isnt already aware of their public persona for a lack of better words, since most musicians do put on a character for fans.. 

yet.. i'm not sure what i'd ask someone ive never listened to, i came up with things id ask someone i do listen to or follow the works of.. 

1. what made you want to become a musician / painter / other artist ? 

2. how old were you when you decided you wanted to? 

3. does your family support what you do? if not, why not? 

4. what is your opinion on your evergrowing fame / slow-ish takeoff, does it ever get discouraging, if so, why? 

5. what did you want to be before you decided to pursue your current career? 

6. do you want to retire? when & why?

i feel like.. my first interview wont be intentional or planned, its like, ill run into my favorite artist and then note down anything they say in my brain and just write about it online later.. but thats only if they say its okay i write about it!

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The "better" career path ultimately comes down to your interests, abilities, and what fits with your goals for the future. Consider your interest in writing, storytelling, or programming, as well as the employment possibilities, work-life balance, and personal fulfillment that each profession may provide as you explore each one more carefully

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