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(4) my full list of interests ~

this is gonna get kind of general yet also specific at the same time


i love y2k and gyaru fashion, any "dramatic" type of fashion (kidcore, lolita [even if i hate the name, is there another word for it?], retro dressers)

i love manga (i'm a softie for romance and shojo, i need recs!!!) and books (also need recs) and i'm a HUGE SUCKER for manga or anime that's real pretty so :3 favs rn are mob psycho 100 and chainsaw man but i am DEF UP FOR LIKE ANYTHING (and as a gay guy i'm a little biased to boys love manga it's my guilty pleasure sry). i love anime films and some of my favs are The Night is Short, Walk on Girl! and Perfect Blue. highly fricking recommend !!! ^O^

i am absolutely in love with newgrounds/flash era internet and "old internet" stuff. i love friday night funkin' and tankman and pico's school and i used to be heavy into eddsworld (soft at heart for it)!!!!!!!!!! the more references you can make, the better!!! tomska also counts lawl. I LOVE TORO INOUE!!!!!!!! MY LITTLE KITTY CAT!!!!!!!! =^OwO^=

i lovelovelove video games too!!!!!! tloz is one of my fav franchises as well as fallout, sonic, and i'm recently getting into mario stuff from the new movie that came out in april hehe

i am a huge fricking fan of psychology. the way people work has always been so super interesting for me!! i can never get enough!!!!!! sry if i try to analyze you i cannot help myself UoU

i LOVEL OVLEOLVOELOVE PLANTS!!! THE ENVIRONMENT!!!!!! i love human people. i love going outside. i love experiencing everything!!! i love bugs. and animals. and cats!!!!!!!! here are some of my plants below (in a bunch of links) :3

i also make a bunch of artwork!!! and i love writing (refused to be embarrassed by roleplaying i'm grown)!!!!!!!!!! my instagram is in my profile if u are curious :333

this is all i can think of for now............................ if i remember anything else i will put it below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@@@

edit 1: i lovelovelvoelvoe music idk how i could ever forget. my fav bands are candy claws, miniature tigers, fleet foxes, the oh-hellos, the strokes, icp, foodhouse, underscores, tune-yards, kikuo, mika, among 84798475 other people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats why my spotify is right in your face i love music >o<!!!!!!!

edit 2: now that DIGITAL CIRCUS is out, i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jax and caine are my favourites right now but i also like pomni and kinger :3

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