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I REALLY love fnaf, it's my fav game of all time. It has the perfect story (LORE) and everything about it is just AMAZING.

I found out about fnaf in 2015, around the time when fnaf 3 came out, and I've been a fan since. I was around 7 yrs old so I didn't rlly understand the lore (I couldn't even speak english), but I remember watchin those animations made on flipa-clip. Later, when I learned english, I started to understand the lore of fnaf. After all these years of being in this community I'm so happy that a fnaf movie is coming out, along with ruin dlc and help wanted 2! ^^

My fav fnaf games are fnaf 2 and sl. I heard many ppl say that they don't like sl, but in my opinion it's a rlly good game. It has so much lore in it, and the characters that appear in the game are designed very well. AND It's aesthetically pleasing. But everyone can have an opinion. :))

My favorite animatronics are golden freddy, toy chica, mangle, cbaby and foxy. I like golden freddy because of Cassidy, she's a vengeful spirit and I like that about her. 

Anyways that's all, byee! :D

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mark marshal ^_^

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Woah, Same thing here, I love Mangle! She's Adorable! same with Chica!! I totally have the same childhood as you watching flipaclip videos of it x_x

you seem like a cool person!!

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