U want me 2 kill him?

    This movie might be one of my favourites and I highly recommend everyone to watch it! If you want to dive deep into the horrors of the virtual world and see the scale of how dangerous it can be, then this movie is perfect for you!

    Mark is a naive teenager in search of sexuality and connection. One day he stumbles upon an online chat room where he encounters Rachel. Rachel introduces Mark to her brother John, the boy who gets bullied at school. As the friendship between Mark and John deepens, the line between reality and fiction starts to fade. What begins as an innocent friendship soon takes a dark turn when John asks Mark for a simple favor – to "kill" someone. Though initially dismissive, Mark soon finds himself caught in a spiraling game of manipulation, where nothing is as it seems and the consequences are very real.

    The movie delves into several thought-provoking themes, highlighting the dangers of online manipulation and the ease with which someone's trust can be exploited. It raises questions about the human desire for connection and the vulnerability that arises when individuals seek solace in virtual environments. It serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the potential dangers lurking behind our screens. It also explores the ethical implications of anonymity and the consequences of blurring the boundaries between the online world and real life. As the plot unfolds, viewers are confronted with the consequences of actions taken under the guise of a digital mask, emphasizing the need for greater awareness and responsible online behavior.


                                      It ends with a shocking plot twist too ;)

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When u told me this movie i didn't understand it,
And i still don't :⁠'⁠( (not ur fault maybe this movie is just hard to understand if u didnt watch it)

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Yeahhh it is really confusing but it's worth a watch if u have the time^^ ( which ik that u don't have rn cuz of exams :/)

by MysticalRat; ; Report

And also i gotta find it somewhere

by ♡Niko!♡; ; Report

U can watch it on Soap2day

by MysticalRat; ; Report


by ♡Niko!♡; ; Report

Knoedel_<3 ^^

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I wanna watch it with u!

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Too bad u gotta come here first :P

by MysticalRat; ; Report