Hahahaha what (vent)

had a pretty stressful day with what my grandma has to say once i got back home from running errands. it was about the school im really aiming to go to thats pretty new school focusing in business, communication (which im trying to peruse for college) and talent practices and development, they also has a pretty good scholarship program for academics which im pretty much qualified for but with that came a lot of requirements which is pretty understandable for them so they can really know whos going into the school for free. to make a long story short she was pretty against the whole thing just because its in this rich part of the the entire region and that my uncle would be the one to sponsor me for a school i was supposed to go that a more older, profiled and tech oriented school. which is cool but im really not trying to put myself in much more debt especially for my mother since shes still searching for a job along with my uncle who even though said can sponsor my schooling but ik it wouldnt be enough. at least with a scholarship here we'll only spend on commodities and transportation. ik i can make it into the program once i finish all the things needed but i just cant handle her shiting on me since i wont adapt with "bratty rich kids" or that we couldn't afford it YET IM TRYING APPLYING FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP. yet shes over just saying that i shouldnt think about it because it isnt her concern when literally we are going broke. i need this for not just them but for myself and i dont understand why she cant see that. i worked so hard last school year to even be qualified for a scholarship and practically missed out on a lot of things i was invited to by friends and yet im still getting punished for just not doing things right or in her way. ik im worth something thats more than her judgment but its still so frustrating to be around her when shes so discouraging about my future like that. 

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