baby bunny

i've decided to fully share my poems on here!! i wrote this one about this time my cat almost killed a baby bunny and we brought it 2 an animal rehabilitation place 2 try and save it. i will never forget how it felt to carry its little body, to pray on all the stars i could count b4 it started raining that it would survive. i loved the way it was so optimistic, so courageous. it wanted to live more than anything. i won't tell u guys how the story ends, just envision our efforts were not in vain <33

Caught in his royal mouth

You were but a baby

With glass eyes and a quivering nose,

I held back the ferocious king for you

My widening eyes watched as you crawled

Desperately dragging what part of you was dead

By what part of you was still alive,

That rich hunger driving you

That wicked, wet pity following me.

I remember how cold you looked, melting into the soaked ground

How quickly your tiny heat beat to expel

The fear-laden blood from your body.

Gingerly, I wrapped you in a blanket and in a box;

Don’t you remember my shaking knee

That you rested upon as we travelled?

Our thoughts could have been a raw concord

In that midnight car ride fueled by hope.

Tiny thing, so scared to die next to me…

Small creature, wretched and desirous of life…

As I handed you over, your eyes glossed over. 

I never touched you with my own skin,

I never felt your dying hope,

So I suppose that is why I don’t understand it.

But I know it.

Then I returned home, I stared down at my smug king,

Glory in death, he told me.

Please live, I told you.

Do it for the both of us

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