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#1 - My Name is Jonas

I've decided I'm going to start a blog, inspired by Teenage Victory Songs. I'm not a master reviewer, so I'm just gonna somewhat give my opinion.

Weezer's first album was a huge success, but mainly because of three songs; Say It Ain't So, Undone, and Buddy Holly. But, there was a song slightly less popular, but essentially the same level as the others: My Name is Jonas.

My Name is Jonas is an amazing song. I love the variety in the song. An example is when the chorus was "Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea" and the second time it's repeated, it changes to "Tell me what to do, now the tank is dry" and so on. There is not a single same line in this song, besides the ending. Speaking of the ending, the sentence "The workers are going home" repeated is a great ending to the song. It just brings a smile to my face, because it reminds me of something similar to a happy ending to a movie.

In short, it's a great song. But, time to criticize it a little. While the lyrics are original every bit of the song, the guitar is kind of tiring to hear. Every other song does the same, but for me, for some reason the guitar in this song just makes me a little annoyed. Maybe it's the country-like melody shown in the song. But hey, I don't know.

My final verdict: 9/10. Great song, while my criticism was long, it was basically only one reason.

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