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first diary blog - may 24th, 2023.

i'm not quite sure how personal blogs work, and i can't grasp tumblr too well sometimes either, but this seems fun to use. i created this blog to relax my overwhelming emotions; be it mostly joy and schadenfreude due to school drama, or overwhelming stress. today me and my group attended and performed in a trade show at school, selling our product. my group consisted of my crush, sienna, rushil, ryan, and tafsir. i arrived at school today with my miku plush, as i said we could use it for marketing. for wednesday, we have all periods-- same time ending, just shorter periods. so we did first period, i arrived pretty late though .. but people complimented my cool miku plush so its fine >:3 !! so then we toured the 8th grade trade show, and met two fashion revolving groups who were against each other, but i chose 111 over 2090 fashion due to the clothing and logo being more aesthetically pleasing. so then that ended, and we began to set up our booth in the high school commons, but i am in middle school, but our school goes 6-12th grade. a magnet school. while sitting down on the stone thngy in the hallway, tiffanie sat down next to me and waz lyke "im so tiredddd..." and i was like same and we talked about thid dude named andrew i knew who like ranting to me ab being schizo and a lot of weird stuff (hes also my fake crush, to not worry my parents about my sexuality, but i didnt tell tiffanie that.) after that, we went upstairs and conversed about that and all, until we got upstairs and had to pack up. i brought my miku plush, the posters, gum, etc. as i went back to get more stuff i couldn't carry, i come back to see my crush making a drawing of miku saying "miku says... buy mashpad!!". it was cute, and my heart absolutely melted because AAAHHH I LOVE MIKU it was such a nice gesture uwaahhh... so i took photos and posted them on insta ofc :O. after that, she put on her music from her computer, mostly cupid because SOOO many people love that song, but that was done after we did the set up. sienna was pretty nice to work with, and we took breaks but the only downside to her was that she wasn't as loud and persuasive, but spoke elaborately with detail. ryan and rushil were fundamentally... irrelevant. tafsir only caused issues and just got side eyed when he pitched our speech, and he got in trouble because of literally leaving the school... lol. so anyways. tiffanie, (my crush) brought in MANY customers. MANY. she has a lot of friends.. being pleasant to talk to (though awkward to talk to for me, being my relations to her.) so she did most explaining, but my social anxiety got to me at times, due to the noise and talking. me and sienna mostly pleased the parents, because we both know how to talk to adults well. me and sienna talked a bit, with some small talk but nothing too much, and she also admitted how she also found it sad that we only got customers because of tiffanies connections, as useful as they are... -.-; . so then the trade show ended, and it was point break beacuse it went through 3-6th period, so we just had study hall/point break. that was rather uneventful, and i just sat down half asleep. i then got home, got on the computer, spammed instagram stories on my spam and school acc, and then took a nap after coding my wip spacehey page a bit. i woke up to my brother being in a crappy mood, so i retaliated by snitching about all the candy and trash in his room drawer, filling 3 drawers... but anyways! i checked discord after that, to find andrew telling me that matthew was sltting his wrists.. but tbh, i didnt care because he falsely accused me of edging him on, which i stopped like, months ago...? he also (if i may be so bold..) harasses me. he grabs my wrists and twists them and kicks me when i tell him i am uncomfortable. i only kick him in self defense, and the funny thing? nobody likes him. everyone talks about how "sped and trans" he is (he isnt even trans, hes just really fem), which is what is weird.. how bold can you get? moving on. i dmed tafsir about it, and it was revealed that matthew pranked him about sltting his wrists, and sending a video too.. ahaweufhwueb ill totes use dat as blackmail lolz! so me and tafsir disccused that as blackmail and then he had ot go to bed.. and then i was invited to a shopping center tmrw after school by andrew and his fg. kyaa im tired, im out! good nighttt

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