saw i & ii are the best in the whole fucking franchise. i am definitely biased because i have only seen those two, three and jigsaw. BUT. oh my fucking god they are so good. it's so bizarre to me first of all that the saw movies jumpstarted this whole torture-p*rn genre that is SO BRUTAL NOW?? i don't like to dive into those movies, they feel heavily pointless and rly barbaric to me. but saw was just a silly movie more focused on the traps and the people in them rather than the actual on-screen gore. if you go back and watch them, there actually ISN'T that much gore in the film at all. it was shocking for its time, but i think the most violent thing we see in terms of on-screen gore (from what i can remember) is when danny glover's character gets his throat slit. of course, the scene with lawrence's foot is SYNONYMOUS with the saw name but.. i think its the thought of what he's doing that freaks people out, we only see blood. saw is psychological. it makes us think 'fuck. what would i do?' and i think that's whats scary about the franchise. and the twist with their goofy little theme song is always a plus. i love the saw i ending AND iconic traps.

saw ii is JUST as good, and maybe even a little better. the first saw's atmosphere will always be my favourite because i just love the bathroom trap (and adam) but saw ii is such a good atmosphere as well. i love that it's a large group of people in this one trap and there's so much to it that it's not just like.. guys.. we need to.. work together.. and get outta here.. NO! they have, what, two separate twists? that i can think of? three? FOUR?? AUGH i love it so much. they're all so good too, i cannot even begin to explain seeing the ending where we find out it (SPOILER) wasn't a live feed, and it's eric who's being tested. not daniel.ย 

im begging. if anyone has any questions regarding my opinion on ANYTHING in either of these movies, i will talk to you about it. i fucking love these movies

also chainshipping is real i dont give a fuck. you put two straight(?) men in a saw trap together and they WILL exit as lovers. or dead

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this is soooo true, gotta say i'm mostly into saw for those goofy little traps but the first two movies do have incredible plots. the twists are literally jaw dropping when you see it for the first time.

but i'm also a fan of the story in the 6th movie cuz the commentary about the fucked up american healthcare is pretty good as well

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two bros chillin in the hot tub five feet apart because theyre not gay needs to be replaved with two bros chillin in the abandoned dirty saw bathroom meters apart because theyre not gay

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remember when adam kept the photo of lawrences wife and daughter hidden from him? yeah thats cus. hes in love with him. hes erasing his past life and starting a new one in their stinky bathroom

by margoopy แถป ๐—“ ๐ฐ; ; Report

he just wanted to run away with him n live in a cottage near a lake and a forest and adopt lots of cats and grow old live happily ever after :(

by Dex/Clementine; ; Report

what could've been...

by margoopy แถป ๐—“ ๐ฐ; ; Report