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an introduction || nixie

Welcome to my first blog entry!

firsts are special to me, so I thought I'm make my first blog a little introduction to myself!! In here you'll see a bunch or random things that I'm interested in, and could make a good conversation topic (I'm a little shy tho so bear with me)


-- making and wearing friendship, beaded, or handmade bracelets

-- collecting stickers, price tags, tissues, "trash" and pasting it into a journal

-- writing and journaling, drawing too but I wouldn't say I'm that good

-- taking videos and pics of my experiences, then posting them in a dump or editing them 2gether

-- watching romcoms and pretending I also have a happy love life HAHAHA

-- analyzing taylor swift lyrics (lmk if I should blog about that soon......)

-- building in  Minecraft hashadfhdfa

-- playing/looking for cozy games 

-- pinterest + spotify

-- making spotify playlists (bro I have 58 already)

-- the color combination of blue and white

-- nostalgia

-- supporting small businesses

-- impulsively dying or cutting my hair when I feel lonely

-- making a watch and read list but never actually watching or reading them

-- making personalized gifts for my friends

-- crocheting!! clothes and plushies and anything 

-- making to do lists

-- trying to make friends.... 

ೃ⁀➷ OTHERS...

it's been my dream to start a youtube channel filled with bits and pieces of my life, interests, rants, and gaming stuff, and I'm finally taking the baby steps to get to that goal!! Please wait for my channel, I'll start posting videos during September of 2023, I have my channel already linked in my profile, I appreciate your support with all my heart!!!

ೃ⁀➷ Lastly...

expect me to post a bunch of random and unrelated blogs soon... spacehey is such a fun website, I wish I'd discovered it earlier! 

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