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Industries suck

  Major industries for stuff like music, movies, television, and whatever else suck. I'm sure that I'm not breaking any major grounds by saying that, but I feel so strongly about it and it sucks that not much can be done about it.

    When it comes to movies and music, there's not a single day that goes by without my consuming them in my day to day life for multiple hours a day, it's something I couldn't live without. I started playing electric guitar recently, I'm always listening to music, It's a dream that I'd be able to do music for a band at some point in my future. 
 I love movies and wish I could become a director or a screenwriter some day, however. I think about becoming either of those two for a long period of time and I get reminded just how corrupt they are, sexual assault cover ups, manipulation of child actors and actresses, the mistreatment and sexual harassment of females in these industries, creeps in the workspace, and so, so much more. There's no justice in it!
 Admitting that really sucks, even though there's more recent spotlight on these things in modern day due to YouTube videos like "A Nickelodeon Nightmare: The Allegations of Dan Schneider" and "Netflix & Amazon Film Crew EXPOSE Conditions On Set", It's clear that there's a market for exposé like videos, but there's still not enough pushback as result of these things. There's needs to be more pushback against the disgusting and toxic things that happen in these major industries behind closed doors, isn't that what social justice is all about? 

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meg !!

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become an indie rock superstar legend dream girl!! who needs record labels!!!

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das the dream <3

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