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an extremely empty day

Whenever I look at the sky, I remember who I once was, a very happy person and full of people around me, but it seems to me that that day is gone! I'm here in my bed thinking about silly things alone, I've already lost my girlfriend and my friends and so that's when I decide to get away from everything and everyone.

"What happened to him?", everyone asks these questions, but I'm just in my room alone thinking about men, my teenage phase is gone, now I enter my adult phase and I realize that I've been alone for a long time. My dignity remains the same, but will the empty feeling go away? I hope so, but the feeling of being alone is never gone.

People who claimed to be my friends and only hurt me, I walked away and never wanted to talk to them again, apart from that they miss me, but they don't know how their attitudes hurt me.

- Urfavcowboy, 2023

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man I would buy you a drink if I could, but I hope everything turns out good for you!

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