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Tuesday July 9th, 2007

After a pretty bad day yesterday, I had some high hopes for the day. I woke up at around 9 in the morning, pretty standard for me. I then actually had some breakfast today, a step in the right direction if I do say so myself. After chowing down, I went to the garage and grabbed a 10' board in hopes that there would be at least a small swell. 

Before I was even able to make it to the beach, I had been stopped by a group of tourist surfers visiting the area. Every single summer SoCal see's a flock of tourists, and every single year, they take up so much space in the water. I always struggle to catch good waves when there are a million people in the water, and they always wonder why I seem so upset with them ("Surf Gangs Of California, Hawaii, and Australia," The Grom Life, accessed May 31, 2023,

After a pretty average session, I decided just to head back home and relax with some TV. I first loaded some youtube tapes of Kelly Slater but my wifi decided to bail on me. I then had to watch some cable, but lucky for me, a new episode of Blue Crush had been released to cable (cable always got the episodes a year late)(Stockwell, Blue Crush.). The episode was pretty good, it was almost all surf and very little drama, which I preferred. 

After finishing up the episode, I decided to hit the hay, but I read first of course. 

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