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entry one

hi. strider here :thumbs_up:

today has been a little hectic. my grades are still pretty bad and everything, but i’m doing everything i possibly can to try and bring them up even though there are only two-ish days left of school left. i’m working on that essay i mentioned in one of my bulletin posts and i’m doing it on propaganda and the effect it has which is pretty cool i think. i’m not nearly finished but i’m planning to either knock it out today or tomorrow morning. ill manage to get it done even if that requires an all nighter

can’t wait to be done with those school year. online school sucks. it’s so much harder honestly and i’m finding myself missing going to public school (something i never thought i’d be saying tbh). i miss riding the bus in the morning and waking up early. and it’s not like i’m the most friendly or talkative person but i find myself missing the social aspect too, with being around other kids and talking to those familiar places in class. woohoo 

things have been okayish as of late though. a little bummed out because of the stress but that’s ok. ive been talking to my buds redson and jade though so that’s made me feel a little better. they’re really cool and talkin to them today has made me feel a little better.

ok im done. might write more tomorrow

bye or whatever

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