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Monday - July 8, 2007

Unlike yesterday, I had a wicked late start to my day. I had slept in 'till about 11:30 in the afternoon since I had passed out last night from exhaustion and forgot to set an alarm. After skipping breakfast (like usual), I headed out to the beach to check if there was any chance that I would catch anything today. But surprisingly, nothing. 

What did I do with a day without surfing, absolutely nothing. I mainly just walked around Santa Monica Pier in hopes to find a friend to hang out with/talk to, but it seemed like everyone was busy with something else. Walking around the pier and listening to some Surfers Stomp always puts me in a good mood, but today, today was not the day (Gordon, "Sufers Stomp.").

Later that day I had no motivation to read, but I powered through it with the little energy I had left from such a boring day. But yeah, that's where my day ended. 

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