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why I HATE 'holidays'

So I hate holidays

And I'm not talking school holidays

I'm talking going away holidays

ESPECIALLY going abroad holidays

And my bf asked me why and for some reason my brain couldn't think of a coherant answer and he kinda just got a rant (oops)

So here I am trying to use a blog to organize my thoughts :D

and be prepared for a little bit of a rant in the last list :']

also if anyone else feels like this/used to feel like this I'd really apreciate any and all ideas on how to enjoy this kinda thing! It honestly makes me feel like something is wrong with me, so it'll be nice knowing if it's just me or not :]

feel free to put any other thoughts in the comments <33

ooooke so imma start with reasons why

just why people go away on vacations

because I genuinely do not understand the point......

imma do a lil list of reasons my friends have told me that they go away for and then explain a bit why they don't rly make sense to me !

1.  Seeing/doing new things ~ I don't rly experience any excitement with many new things. I'm much more likely to enjoy myself doing something I know I enjoy than by risking it.

2. Trying new foods ~ Similar reasons to one. I'm such a picky eater that I'm much more likely to just find another food I don't like, so why risk it?

3. Experiencing different cultures ~ This is probably the reason I understand the most, but it still isn't enough to make me enjoy a trip AT ALL.

4. 'Better' weather ~ I live in England, so most of the time when me and my family go away it's to somewhere warmer. If I'm completely honest I HATE hot weather. Dealing with uk temperatures in summer is bad enough, but summer vacations make it 100X worse.

5. A break from school/work ~ I would much rather spend my break at home or nearby doing something I actually enjoy than exhausting myself on a trip away. It's not a break, it's just tiring.

If anyone has any other reasons I would rly appreciate it if u could suggest them in the comments so that I can add my opinions to them !

ooooooke now I'm just gonna do a list of specific things I don't like about going away and I'll just edit this if I think of anything else. It's prolly gonna get pretty long so feel free to ignore :)

1. People ~ I have to deal with my family CONSTANTLY and also strangers on top of that. My social battery has no time to recharge and I will burn out instantly. This is definitely the biggest reason, but I still don't think going away alone would solve everything :/

2. Stuff ~ When I'm at home I have access to everything I'm used to, and I'm in an environment I'm used to. Why I would want to leave that to stay in a tiny space with limited supplies I have no idea.

3. Weather ~ Like I mentioned before, I HATE hot weather. It's sticky, I have to wear clothes I'm not comfortable in, and I get overwhelmed very easily.

4. Money ~ I'm 15 (very nearly 16) at the moment, so all holidays I go on are family holidays and paid for for me. It still manages to cause problems though. I feel like if I'm not enjoying every single second then it's a waste- and the amount of time my parents spend getting annoyed at me for not constantly smiling says they feel the same. Whiiich brings me onto the next point....

5. Family ~ I have to go away with my family. Don't get me wrong, they're not the most horrible people, and I actually get on rly well with my Dad, but it is still VERY tiring. My mum especially tends to get annoyed at me very easily for things like using the 'wrong' tone or 'wrong' facial expressions, and when I'm burnt out (my 'social battery' is low) I'm much more likely to slip up.

6. Food ~ I rly don't like trying new foods or eating out at restaurants. Like I said before, I'm a very picky eater which makes those things rly difficult. My parents (specifically Mum) will get rly annoyed at things like that, ESPECIALLY if we're eating out, and that usually leads to her making comments abt my weight that make me feel like shit (I think that's it's own issue tho lmao)

7. Activities ~ My family tend to spend most if not the whole of a trip away doing stuff outside. Going for walks, going biking, kayaking, etc. Ik this is a dumb reason but I haate that kinda thing bc they make me rly tired and overwhelmed.

Aaaaaanyways sorry everyone for the kinda vent. I'd prefer it if ppl tried to be understanding in the comments. I get told pretty often (by my parents) that I'm selfish for this kinda thing and I do feel rly bad abt it already.

Maybe there is something wrong with me..?


Like I said advice would be rly appreciated :)

I hope u have a good time of day <3

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ohh I can totally relate to much of this... I actually enjoy going away since I think it's fun to visit new places! :3c but keep in mind I've hardly ever left my state... one of my biggest issues is how the places we stay are different from my usual house, as you mentioned- last time I visited the city the bedroom of our airbnb was suuuper hot nd I found it hard to sleep... also as a fellow very picky eater (arfid says hi !) I understand the struggle :sob: it's better than it used to be but I always feel ashamed when my parents have to go out of their way to get me food I can eat...

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I feel similarly about many of the things you mentioned. I find it hard to enjoy visiting unfamiliar places when I don't have much control over what I'm going to be able to do. It usually helps me to research the location beforehand so I can find something in the area that I know I'll enjoy.

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yeah, I can definitely see how research could help! <3

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