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ABOUT (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

hiii, im nico but i go by clyde as well
my dark secret is that im a furry artist that draws anime cats. thank u warrior cats
im 16, they/them always but i occasionally use he/she too :P
diagnosed autistic, which is all ill state you have to guess my other mental illnesses/disorders ❤︎
carrd has my dni + likes but if you're sane and don't wanna read it

basic dni, no bigots
anti neos/xenogenders
chronically online in the worst way
(attacking people for liking characters you personally don't and such, not including problematic stuff ofc)
just don't be a freak and we'll get along fine

trigun (stampede + trimax, i haven't seen 98 yet)
ensemble stars
project sekai
toontown (ttr + ttcc)
thats just whats plaguing me rn im into a lotta stuff u can see more in my carrd listed above

general byf:
im a very paranoid person be patient with me and apologies if i sound odd or stilted im tryin'
im pro self-dx if you don't have the resources to get a proper dx
i talk in third person sometimes im silly be nice 2 me
im also a cat therian if thats something you'll find cringy

anyways love and peace to the world lets be friends ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

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