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Unapologetically Muslim

I have lived such a crazy life so far and a road of destruction and drug use unbelievably has led me to Islam.

I know that probably sounds cliché but without Islam I'd be in a even darker place then I was before. Or dead.

I'm not trying to bring anybody to Islam. My reason for bringing it up is this....I miss the 90's and early 2000's.

I hate that I missed so much of life in a drugged out fog or locked up in one institution or another. So many good times lost simply because they never happened! Man I wish I was able to go to all those Van's Warped Tours and 97x Next Big Thing concerts! Ozzfest 2003 was great. I seen Otep, DevilDriver, and SlipKnot there in Tampa.

Anyways, it just seems the father away the good times get, the less people there are to relate to someone like me, stuck in a certain time period. People grow up. Move away. Mature. Create new lives that no longer revolve around the music goes on right? But when life goes on and you find yourself a Muslim, looking back, I myself can't help but think...was I a poser? Am I a poser now? Or is this just me? Are there other Muslims struggling with who they are and what they believe in?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just being......Emo.

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