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School ends !! (-。-)y-~

 School is over!! Well technically its today that school ends but im not at school :P i was allowed to stay home for today :)) yesterday my school had waterslides out for us and i got my ear clogged on the first slide (ToT) , i went on one 1 other slide bc it was the smallest one XP

 All i have for my swimwear was a bikini top and little boy shark shorts X-< but i love those shorts, theyre my fav ♡♡. My friends and i had lots a fun too :) we were eating snacks and laughing and dancing to !! 


 On monday it was a regular day but what made it special was there was no dress code :D but i had to change my clothes, not cool (# ̄З ̄), i was wearing shorts and the lady was like nuh uh cant wear that, go change and luckily my dad told me to bring pants in case and i did! And was able to wear cute clothes still at school :). I was only wearing shorts to school bc i wanted to show off my leg warmers ( ´Д`). 

 And also my teacher took us outside to the woods next to our school and showed us invasive plants and taught us about plants and also showed us a gopher tortoise (^-^)/. It was in its burrow and it went back in as soon as it saw or heard us. 

 Im really happy school ended (*´▽`*), i dont like that school very much, its very... strange, maybe its cause i live in a redneck state so. However i did enjoy the friends i made ^^ those 3 people r the best !! (Theyre also good at gossiping!). H, A and E r the best people ever :) 

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