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I guess I’ll use this as a little vent place. So summer started, and we already hate it. It’s got us like messed up. Like it’s either extreme anger and violence or it’s completely the opposite of sadness and being upset over nothing. It’s so draining. And we refuse to talk to anyone about it especially the gf cause she has finals so we won’t talk to her about it. Today is a bad one and idk why. Like I am so angry and mad at everything for no reason. And the Injury of our knee has made some unhealthy thoughts start up. And everyone’s getting on our nerves no matter what. Like even the dog is bothering us. And our body isn’t feeling right so no clue what’s going on. The dog is snoring as I type this and it’s making me want to scream. So yeah that’s how I’m doing. This is probs the last time imma be here cause tbh I don’t care about this site or anything rn

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Also extreamly terrible timing but our body has been getting waves of like electricity like it did last year and it’s like making us have to move or it can get painful and frustrating.

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