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since the last time

i'm travelling!! but i wont say were :) maybe.

there's a charm in being squished in a little hotel room with friends and spending your days walking hours in an unfamiliar city. you bustle in your own time surrounded by words you don't understand and roll up at night in shared blankets and beds. it feels different to do this by choice and by luck. i'm really greatful. 

we've been doing a lot of urban exploring! one of my friends hasn't taken well to the change in bacteria and has been sick for a while and the other handles our navigation and itnerary. she says its because shes a control freak but we're all greatful nonetheless.

in downtime we lounge and talk about writing fanfiction like the cringe escapist nerds we are. my project got complimented by a stranger on discord today. she got me to beta read her story. i drew some fanart.

i text my boyfriend every chance i get. not a day passes where i don't feel elated that he's mine, im truly the luckiest person i know when it comes to romance it's insane! even with our similarities, differences and personal issues we still click and fit. we're mirror images of each other. same but flipped.

i'm truly happy again :) i thank my the world for my life and my life for this joy. i don't care if it's fleeting! that's how it's meant to be.

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