daily rant part 3<3

Another day alive and that's surprising (just kìdding haha)

So basically still having to study for my exams and stuff, but I've been playing some tomodatchi life and it's funny how much drama my miis have like most of them are divorced or had a bunch of kids or both, so I just sit there watching everything like a god! lol, also if you're bored and love random absurd stuff and drama I do recomend it, you can either play the DS version (I've played it and it's in japanese and english patched) and if I remember properly you could find the 3ds version as well;

Also! if you're a fun of silly minigames and enjoy rhythm games rhythm heaven for the 3ds it's also really fun, it has some plot that moves you to the different minigame scenarios but you can easily ignore it if you're not interested, also for silly minigames but not involved in rhythm and music you have the warioware series (the one I've played most is the DS one ut the 3ds one is also reallly fun)

I really like playing videogames and I've played a large variety of them so I may started a videogame recommendation series with some free spoiler reviews hehe :D

So as always one more day on planet earth! hoping for the best :3

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