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poem on obsessive love :)) and an unreliable narrator :0

the trees must be warning you

of my lurking presence

and youre choosing to ignore it

walking as slow as ever

the earphones must be screaming at you to run away

from my grabbing hands

and youre turning a blind eye

waiting at the bus stop

candid photos

opened lockers

home address

niche interests

watchful eyes

chocolate inside

sneaking in

learning them

my death is so slow

ever painful

bleeding at the sight of you

with someone else

id rip out everyones eyes

so theyd never look at you

cut holes through their lungs

so they cant utter even a breath around you

i would rather sleep with your corpse in my armsĀ 

than watch you breath next to someone else

your sweet rotting flesh my perfume

your decaying arms my vice

your bloated body my home

so it must be fate

that you arent looking behind you

my hands ghosting your shoulders

my love flowing from my pores

on the bus

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