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➴➵➶HAAIII im Frank or Hank, either is chillaroonie with me, i use he/him, im half japanese half AMERICAN RARAHH!!!! i am autistic and my special interest is batman!!!. my other interests are detroit become human, radiation, hannibal, and community!!! my birthday is september 22 and im a minor so dont be too creepy

➴➵➶ i am almost always listening to some form of music and i like all kinds, from country to death metal!!! i rly like revocation, mcr, icp, oingo boingo, marty robbins, fiv, tsp, scary bitches, etc 

➴➵➶ i also like to indulge in the occasional book and have a small collection of comics, graphic novels, and big books, my favorites are my hannibal series, amulet series, spider punk series [2 signed by cody ziglar], the necronomicon [just a collection of hp lovecraft stories] a rly cool hardcover of dracula, etc

➴➵➶ i really enjoy collecting things and seeing other people collections! my favorite thing to do with the things i collect is to attach them to random places around my room so it looks cooler and more colorful!! i love colors, a lot, and if you got here by way of my profile it would be surprising to learn i actually prefer cooler tones, and my favorite colors are desaturated blues and earthy green, along with mustard yellow but yk....

➴➵➶ i have a cat named ernie whos nickname is cooter [but like, with a western accent, so more like cooder LOL] and a dog named banjo!!! i love them both but i am more of a dog person, my favorite kinds of dogs are naturally goofy looking ones that are HUUGE!! like borzoi's, i also like big fluffy dogs in general, and i especially love petting [ONLY CLEAN!!] dogs

➴➵➶ i really like action shows/movies, and i have season one of hannibal and community as well as the special addition of batman; the dark knight on dd/blueray. i also rally like invader zim and have invader zim pj pants, shirt, scarf, slippers, socks, lip balm, and 2 comics. i loooove community and i cannot finish the last episode because i dont want to know how it ends so i cant pretend it didnt end

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