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OTMODCHI: Make clickable GIFs with Hyperlinks

 Did you know you can sneak some fun links on GIFs?

How inconspicuous!

<a href="LINK" target="_blank"><img src="IMAGEorGIF"/></a> 



You mean I can have a funny GIF like this?:

and just go to put a file up to 15GB and leave it on my profile for all my friends to download?

 Wow! Now that means I can use that to let my friends download all my cool stuff like Minecraft Texture packs Zip Folders, or a funny video, or Software that has been "rated by pie"!

What a funny silly goofy way to connect with people! 

 I love not paying for things! I'm so glad this website is free and allows me to support them fisically at my leisure! You should support SpaceHey tho, they deserve it, this site is awesome for that! lol

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