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I'm Depressed, Feel Empty [🐒]

[ TW for light talks about the subjects of depression, trauma and abuse, no specifics mentioned ]

Β It feels so dumb but I feel so empty, like nothing could or will ever get better. Everything feels so shaky and I feel so alone. It's near the one year anniversary of a lot of shitty and traumatic shit that happened. I feel shaky and scared and keep having trauma nightmares.Β 

Yeah stuff isn't great now, but it is better compared to then but it doesn't stop the feelings, it just doesn't stop, it hurts so bad. Like I wish there was more I could do. I'm doing everything I can in therapy, I take my meds, but the thing is?? I don't know if it'll make any difference in the end.

We also feel isolated, we have so few system friends and have an incredibly hard time connecting to people, especially now. Due to everything that has happened, we as a whole, but especially our protectors, are a lot more anxious about people, skeptical as well.

It sucks, this all sucks.

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