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hii, im new here, and sorry if i write something wrong, english is not my first lenguage, basicamente hablo en español xD

soo, im sarching for friends bc i want to have emo/scemo/scene friends bc IM MY COUNTRY THERES NO EMOS BASICALLY, or i havent meet anyone. so im gonna intruoduce myself so we can be friends :D

My name is Tomás (not thomas pls) but you can call me Tomi (again not Tommy or Tom pls) i have 15 y/o and im a trans boy (im also omnisexual and demiaroace)

i like drawing, watch anime, play videogames(like roblox, minecraft and others) i am a streamer!! (twitch.tv/t0miiscool) and i like to sometimes do some roleplay of characters of some mcyt series (karmaland, dsmp..)

i am from argentina (bsas) so how i said b4 i speak spanish and im trying to be an scemo, but sometimes i just still dressing myself like a homeless /j

idk what else i could say so, nice to meet you yall <3

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