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dyed my hair again!!! (5/23/23 bl0g)

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yeppers it's me AGAIN!!!! i cant st0p dyeing my hair is an addicti0n at this p0int. 0nce i style it i'll take better ph0t0s and p0st th0se, but rn im feeling lazy @~@

my sch00l year is alm0st 0ver??????? h0w crazy is that?????????? i stayed h0me 2day cause i was was eepy but my g0d i 0nly have like,,, 0ne test left? and then i'm d0ne? that's s0 wild, i feel like i just started freshmen year but N0PE, s0phm0re s00n.

0n a better n0te, i've been 0bsessing 0ver fnaf again, michael aft0ns as my wh0le heart. i need m0re fnaf m00ts i need t0 be able t0 talk t0 pe0ple ab0ut my insanity......

anyway that's all f0r t0day!!!! seeya!!!

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I LOVE FNAF AND DYING NY HAIR TOO‼️ this year I dyed it 5 times and probably I will dye it more times >:3

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