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My first blog post instead of something random on my blog posts.

so let's talk about today, well today started off slow. I had to return my choir dress today since it's a rental and i can't keep it, so i finally brought that back (dry cleaned of course) we had our last day of state testing today so i was in 1st period for basically 2 hours.

My first period class is my chanson class so we basically worked on our Broadway song that we're performing for our cool show called Broadway showstoppers! it's were we can audition and perform a song from a Broadway musical and the choirs (Women's, Men's, Chanson, Singers) also perform big numbers as well, as well as the mandatory performance with Chanson I auditioned for a solo, singing once upon a December from Anastasia (yes it's a musical as well) and i got in!! I'm really excited to sing and perform one of my favorite Broadway songs!!

alright so after that everything kinda went by smoothly, I've turned in some missing assignments as well which was good and after that my day was fine, except on the bus ride home some stupid kid was messing with me and i cussed them out.

I've been working on learning Japanese and i'm also writing m notes in my cool hatsune miku notebook my friend got me when she went to Epcot, I don't how to speak fluently but i know basic phrases and stuff. some of my friends who speak if fluently and who actually are Japanese are helping me as well so i can start speaking it a lot more fluently, i'm sitting here rn still writing, maybe i'll post some things I've learned in another blog post later!

if youve read this thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy my other blogs!! thank you!!

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