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diabla diaries | 5.23.23

it's raining so lightly that i didn't notice until i went outside: sitting on the porch eating a piece of peanut brittle, sugar sticking to my teeth, i looked out onto a grainy still of droplets on trees and rows of damp roofs.

inside, mom listens to another true crime podcast about another young woman getting trafficked or murdered. what is her fascination with it all?

my brother feels entitled to sushi from the grocery store, and i cringe at the thought of me being like that at his age. at least i don't piss on the seat.

wowie wowie wow my legs are so soft! who do i shave them for anyway?

should i go back to doing tarot readings again? the only reason i stopped was because my friend's dad who apparently is a "professional" told me that i was doing it wrong. that was months ago. why would i let a guy who thinks that fluoride in our water is a mind control tool?? i'm the high priestess.

question: how do you deal with feeling like you have to impress or prove something to your friend? i'm unable to be present with her because i'm always thinking about what she thinks.

thanks everyone

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