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I had such a good day omg

After school today, my friends and I walked down to an ice cream shop that's near our school, I was so happy because I barely ever get to hang out with them! I got salted caramel ice cream and it was so good omg. One of our friends had to leave to go ask her mom to go to the gym (her mom said no lol) so that was sad but my other two friends and I went to walk down the street to Speedway. 

When we got there, there was a massive hole in the pavement and I almost died lmao. Anyway we went in and we got slushies! recently, I just physically can't drink anything bigger than a small size so that's what I got. My friends didn't have money so I paid for them, which was fine because it didn't cost a lot. The cashier made a joke about how the person paying got the smallest drink which I thought was pretty funny.

Anyway we left and walked back up to the ice cream shop while we while we waited for my one friends ride to come get her and I. My other friend's dad has a car shop down the street so she just walked there. After a few minutes my friend's mom came and got us (unrelated but I literally love her mom so much). 

ALSO I only have 3 days of school left until summer break! I'm so excited, I need to use the pool at my apartment complex or else i'll be sad lol.

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