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I'm new on this site, so I figured I should talk a bit about myself.

My name is Casey, but I go by ''Cass'' and ''Dee'' as nicknames- I am fourteen and my birthday is august 17th! I speak both english and spanish (spanish being my native language). :3

I really, really like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, most specifically part five. My favorite JJba characters, as you can already see, are Diavolo and Doppio, and I love them dearly! I always look forward to learning more about them if it's possible. Other characters I like are Abbacchio, DIO, Fugo, Gyro, Johnny, Diego, Kars and Risotto. :))))

What I enjoy listening to the most is King Crimson and perhaps Nightwish, they're in most of my spotify playlists. 

Annddd, I suppose I like to read, write, paint and draw. 

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