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two days of entries because i was too tired to update last night

hello again my friends, it is I! So sorry for not posting yesterday, so its a double post today!

1: concert day

the day of the concert was yesterday, and I started my day by oversleeping and missing my bus! after getting driven to school by my mom, I filled out some sort of survey and kept on with my day. Fast forward to orchestra class, and we are practicing the music for the concert that night. Our theme for the concert was Pop from the Decades. Since our grade was doing 60's and 70's, I dressed like a hippie, and it was a ton of fun! After we got home, I kind of just took my meds and went to sleep. Overall, 8/10 day

2: routines

on a regular tuesday morning, i am not forced to wake up before 9:00. I usually have therapy from 9:00 to 10:00, but my therapist was gone and had told me of this in advance. after being quite tired, more so than normal for a tuesday, I got on the bus and was driven to juvenile prison. After suffering for 3 class hours, it was time for Grief Group. My school counselor made me a phone charm during the group. Once again I suffered through 5 more class hours before I am let free. During orchestra, since we have no more concerts to plan or prepare for, we just did drills and such. Finally, I got home and got some rest. That was pretty much everything.


P.S. If anyone does read these, ill do my best to be more consistent with my updates. CYA

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