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I went on a date with a guy and now I don't like him anymore.

Basically I always have a crush. I can't function without one. I had a crush on this guy who's nickname was spoon, and I told him after a while that I liked him so we went out and watched that new Mario film. It wasn't bad, I actually expected it to be much more awkward but basically every time I have a crush I end up getting over them after like roughly 3 weeks and now I'm fucked because he 'knows' I like him. It's not that he's unlikeable, I just am not really a long term people person, I like people for their looks and basic elements of their personalities but no one at my school shares my interests apart from my best friend. 

I am supposed to be revising for tomorrow's english lit paper 2 and instead I am writing on this blog istg 

-bye, faith 

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