he'll come crawling back for sureee

so i'm recently SINGLE! 

this dude has been messing up my life ever since i'm 16 but no more of that since now i have bit more self respect, unlike him cause he's been fucking a 17 year old at the ripe age of 21, as well as his coke dealer. sooner or later his short ass will be crawling back since none of the other bitches around him are as much "wifey material" as i am. will i let that happen tho? no fuckig way! i'm burning all the bridges like doxing his transphobic ass etc.

so now that i'm cute, young, available and flirty i'm browsing my possibilities on hinge, bumble and so on so on BUT i wont go to real action until i'll check out this bar a few cities over where my friend apperently saw some sid vicious looking ass dudes

wish me luck and also let me know if yall want dirt on my ex 

xoxo ren

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