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i was going to start this blog entry off with "it's john again" but who else would it be. that's kind of ridiculous. any ways, today was a pretty good day!

i have to pick up some snacks and drinks for the class parties i'm going to be a part of, so that'll be a great after school activity for today. i'm a little stressed about final exams but i'm glad that i'll be having some fun stuff to do before then.

speaking of being stressed, i've been challenging myself to create one finished art piece every month of this year, but i'm getting close to the end of this month and i've got practically nothing. this wip i'm working on is hardly finished but the end of may is coming up! hopefully i'm able to scrape some thing together.

i might make another art dump blog for some doodles i've made recently. not too sure if i will, though. it's been a lot of original character art and i don't think people care about that as much as fandom art.

i'm starting to get the hang of spacehey again! and on the topic of that, i've been looking for some new friends to message, so if you want to talk feel free to im me here or request me on discord! i don't bite i promise. or at least i don't think i do, haha.

thanks for reading if you did! good bye.

- eb.

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