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this rlly dumb girl at my school

shes so rudeeee!!!! i never liked her much to begin with because of how touchy she is with people without consent and i used to sit with her at lunch because we were friends but i stopped sitting with her because i got annoyed and shes always talking about how she pulls guys (im not in a position to say if she is or not) but like why do you need to say it its kind of stupid!!! today i told her to stop drawing on my table because it doesnt come off very easily and she looked at me and ignored me like an idiot like dude just stop being petty!

 theres no reason to be so rude i mean i dont like her but at least im not a prick about it!!!  like square up girlie im ready to go if u keep dis up! ive been nice for tooooo longgg

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im frenz wit sum1 leik dis.. they are wayyyy 2 touchy >:(( n tehy lied abt all ther trauma D:<

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OMG thatz sooo lameo Dx hope ur not their fren anymorr...

by batzi; ; Report

nuu they r super lamee

by luvlain; ; Report