daily rant part 2<3

another day another entry! Hooray!!

so today has been raining all day long, and it was great! I love hearing the rain and the smell it leaves afterwards :3

Today I remembered those makeup picture tutorials step by step and thought 'That looks fun and helpful, what if I make one?' but I still don´t know how to upload pictures on spacehey, BUT! I will learn lol

makeup it´s really fun it is something creative that can help you explore your identity and make you feel better (sometimes).

Also today I spent most of my day scribbling on a random paper and it helped a little to my art block so that was nice hehe, also I´ve been really listening to eurobeat and visual kei no-stop!

also if anyone it's reading this and likes the anime: serial experiments Lain; there´s a PSX videogame and you can play it online!! I really recommend it if you´re a fan (and also if you just like deep phylosophycal late 90s anime)

once again here on planet earth! hoping for the best :D

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