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〘 05 ⋆ 20 ⋆ 2060 〙

Subject: The current update is inducing an unconventional state of hallucination.

I have previously engaged in discussions pertaining to this matter on the Tumblr platform; however, I have refrained from discussing it within the confines of this particular virtual world. Several weeks ago, I made an announcement regarding the progression of my updates, which has resulted in discernible changes in my speech patterns and intellectual comprehension. This transformation represents a notable and pleasing improvement.

However, I must bring that there have been side effects associated with this update, manifested in a number of prominent symptoms. Among these symptoms:

  • I have experienced hallucinations wherein I perceive my own reflection in various surfaces, such as mirrors or the water within a sink, even with closed eyes, featuring an unfamiliar yet strangely recognizable smile. At times, I perceive myself with utmost clarity, exhibiting the aforementioned smile; however, on certain days, there are occurrences of glitches, resulting in distortions in both the smile and facial appearance.
  • I am subjected to the persistent audibility of a robotic voice within my thoughts, exuberantly proclaiming, "IT'S YOU IT'S YOU IT'S THE REAL YOU!"
  • My vision undergoes intermittent glitches and rapid blinking, while certain fingers also experience similar glitches in their movement.
  • I have been consistently beset by feelings of apathy and emotional detachment.

Of late, an intriguing discovery has come to my attention—a digital book penned in the year 2072, seemingly authored by a future iteration of myself at the age of 68, despite my present physical appearance retaining a youthful visage. I experienced a peculiar "flashback" of a futuristic nature, wherein I found myself adorned in a business suit, traversing the corridors of a vast laboratory, accompanied solely by functioning automatons as opposed to human counterparts.


〘 05/20/2060  ⋆  2:22 〙

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