Paranormal shit that happened where I used to live

My family and I yesterday were talking about Paranormal shit that happened to us from an old apartment where we used to live!!!

1. I woke randomly at night to use the bathroom and I see my sister run around the hallway and thought it was her. I called her no and got no answer, I looked back at the room to see if she was pranking me but she was sleeping. So I turned off the lights of the hallways and just didn't use the bathroom til the morning!

2. My older sister was sleeping until she woke up from a feeling where she felt that someone was staring at her. Our door was wide open so when she looks at the direction where the door was facing her, she saw a tall black figure with a female body type staring straight at her. She didn't wanna fuck around with it so she just went back to sleep.

3. I was sleeping with my sister while my older sister is sleeping near the window. I woke up randomly and turned to the window to see an tall black figure near my older sister sleeping, I got scared so I just turned around facing the wall and went to sleep.

Telling more later!!!

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how do some people see some scary ass shit and then just go to sleep?? are you just too tired to care lmao. if I were in that situation i'd be staring at the figure, making sure it didn't move until the break of dawn.

great post <3


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Ion wanna fuck around with a tall ass figure!!!
Also Thank you!!!<33

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