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Start of Summer

Hi everyone (*^▽^*)

I hope everyone is doing good today, I’m currently in a bad mood so I thought to lighten myself up I should blog about my summer so far (^_^*)


The first day I started summer (which was Friday the 19th) I hanged out with one of my best friend, we went to her neighbor’s house where she was staying because her house was getting renovated, I saw it and it was very empty. 

After that we went to subway and she ordered a ham and mayonnaise footlong. I haven’t been in a subway in a while but I always get the Italian herbs and cheese bread then I decided to get the rotisserie-styled chicken with bacon strips, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and a garlic aioli. My sub was great, very fulfilling and a little bit too salty but that cherry coke they had really cleansed my palate.

We went home afterwards and had a sleepover, during our sleepover we went to our nearby gas station and brought some snacks, if you ever get to try a spicy pickle they’re really good. We stayed all night playing animal crossing and fish is really hard for her to catch lol.


After our sleepover, I lent my broken trumpet for her to take care of it because she was one of the band students in our school. After she left I spent the hour to myself playing animal crossing.


Fast forward to the next day we went to the mall (^_^) I was able to buy a cute shirt from Spencer’s and she a fruity smoothie with chocolate but we ended up getting Starbucks too. 

We then got hotpot!! ٩( ᐛ )و It was very funny at first, it was he first time trying out hotpot and the waitress gave her a fork which was actually helpful because she accidentally dropped her chopsticks later on lol. Hotpot is one of my favorite places to eat, cooking the meat for yourself is so awesome.

I was very full afterwards so we decided to walk around the neighborhood and stop at the dollar general.


My partner came to my house to deliver some gifts for me, I’ve received a cute Rilakkuma plushie, a gift card, some cupcakes and sweets, and an anime figurine (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)!! It was very nice of him and I can’t thank him enough.


My partner is coming today to spend time with me, I hope everyone is having a great summer so far

Signing out, 


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