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DNI!!!!!! PLS READ!!!!!

ok so this is my dni list i will be updating it when i can so pls read!!

anyone who makes fun of ANYONE with mental illnesses 



user grumpy_flower


ppl who make fun of ppl with autism, adhd, aDD, etc. 

racists, necrophiles, homophobes, zoosadists, zoophiles, pedophiles, sexists, neo nazis

ppl who take abt their mental illnesses like their flexing it, pls stop it makes some ppl uncomfy 

ppl who make r@p3 jokes and blame it on the person they made it to, or js ppl who make r@p3 jokes in general

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I make fun of things i do with autism does that count?

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no it doesnt!

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you r so real for this ongod ongod. fr fr.

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