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5/23/2023 <3

Hellloooooo! today was such a short and sunny day! 

It was overall pretty nice, but kind of tiring because my friend was being a bit rude to me out of nowhere. I think she must have had a bad day or something ig. I really hope she starts feeling better soon because I hate seeing her down! ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡ 


But you know what tho?

 The day got so much better and calming afterwards! I didn't really do much, just headed to this adorable café and treated myself to some fresh croissants! you know how much I love them? Too much...ANYWAYSS They were so flaky and delicious, I couldn't resist.i then drank some tea and finished my book! Rot&ruin – was the book if anyone was wondering :D 


Let's now talk about my outfit !

 I was totally slaying my denim shorts with the cutest white bow and laces on the sides. They were high waist with shorter leg cut-off, you know? Super comfy! And to complete the look, I paired them with a white shirt and this plain soft green jacket. The weather was a bit windy at times, so the jacket kept me cozy. ✧~(ゝᴗ ∂ ) 



today was a mix of ups and downs, but hey, that's life, right? I'm sending positive vibes to everyone, I hope yall are having an amazing day-or will have one! And as for me, I'm just gonna enjoy the little things, like the meal I just made.  

Stay tuned for more daily blogs, sunshine's! 

  Love you lots! 

- Sammy xoxo

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