Green dress

HEY! My sister took these cute pics of me so HERE YOU GO :) 

sister is learning about the camera mostly, so be kind.


I try to post photos that are reshareable too! so please do!

facebook I am at 1.5k because you guys like annoying family and making them like my page means a lot for face


I keep posting daily on it. so please keep liking it!! I also have been booking more so tis just amazing 

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Your sister's done a great job with the photography. I like the way the sun highlights the 'copper' tone of your hair in the first one. They are all good but I particularly like the bottom two as well :)

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Thank you so much!!

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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aww... they look good :)

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Thank you so much

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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UR SISTER IZ SO GUD AT TAKING PICZZZZ (at least, better than me TvT)

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She so is!

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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The second, third and last are my faves; the sky in those first three is awesome, the last one the composition is just right. :D
These are good, thanks for sharing! X)

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Thank you tha k you so much

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