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it's summer time you know what that means gonna head down to the beach gonna do some beachy things

friend reminded me of this site existing so i'm blogging. i'm listening to csh (twin fantasy mirror2mirror cuz i think it's the superior one from my limited experience XP. do you get it cuz XP experience also it's a funny face do you get it./......... sorry for speaking i won't do that again)  and my fingers are aching like they have been doing for years. not continuously but it happens through my years.. anyways i'm thinking on actually making that website today. i said i was going to 2 months ago but i actually will today. hopefully... lol.

on a more fruitful note, i've successfully survived  junior year! since 3 days ago. i have a whole list on what i wanna do here. and then a separate CONSUME MEDIA list that i will probably not touch but it's there!

the main thing i'm focusing on right now is art stuff because i've been in a 4 year long art slump haha. so hopefully i start liking productive art stuff like trying new things? i think i'm just gonna force myself to either draw (boring) or try animating what i'm just fizzling for even though i know it's going to be So unfun probably. i've tried animation in the past but it's always been bad and i take forever. surely it will be a fun experience based on this evidence.

this will be goodbye for probably another sizable amount of time, have a nice summer my readers and/or friends. wish me luck on actually doing anything!

(me chilling with a umbrella lemonade drink under the sun on one of those annoying sun chairs)

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*the list is still very much being updated

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